Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feet? What're those?

Man, it sucks to be walking again. It's been a month with a car... and now my legs get sore after walking for 10 minutes. Okay, okay, I'll quit moaning. haha

Well, me and Dani made it the last part of our trip without any problems. Total mileage: 3763kms. All in all a good road trip. The problem was we didn't have enough time to do everything along the way, two weeks really isn't enough to do the east coast properly. But I'm moaning again already :)

So, after we left Brisbane we ended up only making it to the zoo; the brewery was kind of in the wrong direction. Maybe that was for the best though. The Australia Zoo was great though... and yep, it's the Crocodile Hunter one. We missed the crocodile feedings though, unfortunately. All the other stuff was cool though... snakes, kangaroos, koalas, elephants, dingoes... we got to see the crocs too but they were just sitting around. Here's me doing what I do best...

After that we were kinda doing the same thing up to Townsville that we did on our way up to Brisbane... staying in caravan parks and checking out some of the sights close to the highway. :) I even got in a little bit of cliff-jumping along the way. Saw a snake too... dunno what kind it was though. Got a little irritated at me, especially when I was going for the close-ups... haha

Geez, it's hard to remember what we did the last week! Seems like all we did was eat, drive, sleep and slap at bugs. Heh, it got really buggy in a couple of the caravan parks... there's sand flies over here too! Those bites didn't get as bad as they were in Broome... mostly just small dots, not like the dime-sized red spots I had covering my legs before.

Well, after a nice Christmas in Townsville me and Dani finished off the drive to Cairns. A few good stops along the way; a waterfall with no water (the drive was a blast though), a nice caravan park with a big pool, a couple more (busy) swimming holes and a little tour up around Cairns before heading into town. This is one of the roads south of Cairns...

Most of the trip after Brisbane was through sugarcane country like this, with lots of bananas and mangos up further north. Pretty nice scenery anyways.

So! I've finally got my flight to New Zealand booked; I fly out of Cairns to Christchurch on the 3rd, and am meeting my friend Marc in Queenstown somewhere around the 6th. Dani flies out on the 31st... I figured a couple days to recover after New Years would be the smart idea for me :) My friend Anette (the Danish girl I was hanging out with in Tasmania) is in town, and staying at an all-girls hostel. Maybe she can sneak me in... :)

Well, Happy New Years everyone! I should be on MSN a bit this week so look for me online in the evenings. Later!



At December 28, 2005 9:31 p.m., Blogger Pamasaurous said...

Brad, your family is very upset at your Christmas remarks. Does this mean you really didn't fly home to spend the holiday with us??? We were sure you were here, we just wish you'd hurry up and drink your beer and open your presents!!!!

At December 29, 2005 10:04 a.m., Blogger martin said...

But we were really appreciative of your big smile all holidays, and how little you talked. Cruwysinator has reason to be upset for you not joining us at their place Christmas Eve though...

At December 29, 2005 11:55 p.m., Blogger Cruwysinator said...

Yes quite upset that you weren't


not insult me as much. Or that you didn't bring me a plethora of sparkly things and pearls and a sleeping koala.

Next time I'm driving on the highway I'm going to pull the "I'm sleeping while driving" thing.

At December 30, 2005 8:18 p.m., Blogger Bradtholomew said...

Sorry Mom, I was feeling a little two-dimensional then. I'll get my presents open now.

Yeah, that was a big smile... almost like I'd had a few beers and my arm around a cute redhead?

The sleeping while driving thing? You mean my pretending to sleep while people pass me thing, or the 120km/h into a bridge kinda sleep? If so, we'll miss you :)

At January 06, 2006 1:26 p.m., Anonymous Allie said...


Cute redhead? Um...Brad, I know it's very obvious to everyone else that I'm cute, I don't think that you, as my brother, are supposed to point it out. Creepy.

You'll be home soon! I actually am excited to see you! You really deserve a huuuuge kick in the ass! I've been working out my right leg specifically for that reason.

At January 07, 2006 1:33 a.m., Blogger Bradtholomew said...


You've been working out your right leg just for me? Awww. That's gonna be funny watching you walk though.


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