Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One year

It's been a year since I've posted, so here's something for 2007.

Not much at all new with me so here's some of my favorite photos I took in the last year.

See you in 2008?


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some time off

So much for posting more frequently! If I can do once a month from now on I'll be happy I guess.

I've got some time off for the first time since I started work back in October, so I'm back in Belleville for most of the holidays. In a few days I'm heading out to PEI to help my brother with his big move. He's more of a slacker than even me, he hasn't posted a thing about it on his blog! Then I'm flying back with my dad on the 1st to get back to work on the 2nd.

A few new things in my life, mostly just new toys. I picked up a Digital Rebel XTi for myself a few weeks ago along with a couple lenses. A thousand pictures or so later and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with it, but it's a lot of fun to play around with. My parents got me an iPod for Christmas too, thanks Mom and Dad! All these new toys that I don't really need... but I guess this is why I'm making money now, so I can buy junk to play around with.

A few pictures from my new camera...

That's some ducks on the Moira River, a bridge in Milton at night and Schrodinger doing what he does best.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mmm... cats.

Just a quick post to show I'm still determined to post more frequently... :)

So I moved into my new apartment a few weeks ago, I'm very happy with how it is living there so far. It's very comfortable and the drive in to work isn't too bad. I've started taking the 407 on the way home, it cuts about half an hour off the commute. Costs me $3.00 for each trip, but I think that's worth it. My company owns part of the 407, so I figure I'm just helping to pay my salary each trip. hah. Here's a couple pictures of the new place... it's tough to take good pictures in confined spaces!

Got my new car last weekend too! Very exciting... it's a 2002 Golf TDI GLS. It's got a sunroof, heated seats and mirrors, and of course it's a 5-speed. I'm very happy with the mileage I'm getting, especially after having to fill up 3 times a week with the Fiero. I was getting at the most 250kms on a tank with that, this first tank of diesel with the Golf I got 900.

That's all for now, I still don't have internet at home so I'm borrowing my brother's computer for a bit to upload some pictures on Flickr and do all the stuff I feel bad about doing while I'm supposed to be working. :)