Friday, March 31, 2006

Old man, look at my life...

Yay, turned 25 yesterday! Now I can... uhh... there's really no more good ages, are there? It's all downhill from here... haha

So, once again, nothing really new with me, but I'll post out of boredom anyways. Those are always so exciting!

Let's see... last weekend I went over to Kitchener to visit my friend John, he started a new job a few weeks ago. Me and a couple of his friends went out for a night on the town in Waterloo, that was fun. I took some time to look at some used cars too, not that I can get one until I get a job or anything, but it's fun to look :)

I've been looking after some chinchillas too... some friends of my parents are in Egypt for a few weeks, so I go up and feed them, and clean out the dead. I don't know what's going on, but they're dropping like flies! I mean, how can you screw up feeding them, and giving them water? I dunno. I've got their truck for a couple weeks to get out there too, here's me posing with it. heh.

Oh yeah, I'm a hick.

It's been fantastic weather here this week too, I've had a chance to get outside quite a bit, being unemployed and all. Monday I went out to the driving range at Oak Hills, and this afternoon I went out and played 18. Not the best round ever, I'm a little rusty and my short game is horrendous... but it was still fun.

Not much else new, other than a job interview I had Wednesday in Trenton. I think I did alright, considering that it was my first interview since Harveys back in high school. :) Hopefully I'll get it and rejoin the real world soon.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Yeah, I'm a slacker

Someone recently pointed out that I've been slacking with the 'ol blog, and since being lazy is so against my nature, I guess I have to write something! It's tough when you're doing nothing though... there was always something to write about when I was in Australia.

Well, my flight home was pretty uneventful... it was about 26 hours in the air total. This time I didn't have any problems with missed flights or anything either. About a week after I'd been home I had a visit from my Kiwi friend Murray... he's been doing a round-the-world trip and had a stop in Canada for a week or so. Showed him the sights... went to Niagara Falls, the CN Tower among other far crappier places. But mostly we sat around. :) This is Murray with Schrodey.

So, since then I've really been doing very little. Still unemployed, and living in my parents basement. Yep, I've hit rock bottom. :) It's really not too bad here though, I've got a lot of my own space, and the car whenever I need it, and since I tend to stay up all night and sleep all day I hardly seem to see my parents. (except at meal times. haha) It's still a little strange living back home, but I can't complain. My mom's been really good about it, which is an unexpected surprise. She's been very good about not nagging me to death... :)

Besides sitting around a lot, eating and occasionally looking for jobs, I've been going back to the gym and started running again. I was working out at Goodlife for a couple weeks, but it's ridiculously expensive so now I'm at the YMCA... it's got decent equipment, and more importantly it's far cheaper. So most nights I'll be there or out running... yesterday I ran 7k, and I'm actually not in pain today!

One more picture, here's my dad up at our trailer. Took a trip up there yesterday to drop some stuff off and take some measurements for replacing the roof over the deck...