Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Two weeks...

Yay countdowns! Seems thats all I ever do. Those of you on my MSN list will probably remember me counting down the days till I finished university from about Day 60. heh

But yeah, getting excited to be leaving. I finish work on the 31st, move all my crap back to my parents house for the next year then visit friends and laze around until I leave. Awlright!

So not much new to post about. Surprise surprise... so here' s a nice picture (I think) of a bridge on the Dofasco trail out by my place. Lookat the full-size image here.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

One month(ish) to go!

Eeeh, a little under a month now till I'm leaving. I guess a month from now I'll be arriving in Australia though.

Went to MEC on the weekend to get some travelling gear. Sigh... that place is the devil. My credit card and I need to be separated if I'm ever near that place again. But, on the plus side I have a lotta cool stuff. :)