Monday, October 31, 2005

Land ho!

Well, I'm back on land for a couple days! Been working the last couple weeks since we got here, and we've all got some time off. For those of you with maps, I'm in a town called Nhulunbuy, up in the north-east tip of the Northern Territory. Definitely not a tourist town... this is very far from anywhere, really.

Just a quick post I guess, I'm at the local library and about to get kicked off the free computer since I've been on here too long. I had a lot of emails... since when have I been popular? Eeh.

No pictures either, I can't upload anything on these computers. Lots of good pictures though... been snorkelling, spear fishing, drinking... and a ton of boring work. There's a couple crocs living on the island we're anchored near :) Gotta try and get some pictures. I wonder if one of them will mind posing with my head in its mouth? Probably not at all. heh.

I'll write up a real post in a couple weeks... I've got two days here, then another 10 days work, then a couple days while we steam back to Darwin and I get off the boat. And from there, not a clue. But I'll figure something out.

Take it easy everyone... Write emails so I'm not bored when I get back!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Here sharky sharky sharky!

Well, I'm back in Broome again for another few days. This last trip on the boat was great, so I've decided to stay on with the boat when it heads up to Darwin. It's a 7-day trip to Darwin, then another two days to the spot we anchor. We're going to be close to a little town called Gove. (I haven't managed to find it on any maps or anything yet) Apparently we're going to be close to this little island that has a nice beach and some reefs, so I'm going to pick up some snorkelling equipment before I head out. This trip is a little longer... about 4-5 weeks. Heh. So I expect to be finished and back to Darwin by mid-November. On one hand, it's a long time being cut off from the outside world (more than I am usually)... but on the other hand I won't have to work again in Australia. Which would be sweet.

I doubt I'll be able to get on the internet at all there, so this'll likely be my last blog post for a while. I know... I apologize in advance to those who will write angry emails.

This'll be a busy few days while I'm back... tonight is the Harvest party being thrown by the pearl company I'm working for... free food and drinks at a nice local hotel. Hmm... I guess that's it. Did I say busy? Ah well.

Got a few new pictures up on Flickr, but most of the ones I took were pretty similar to the last time I was out. One decent picture of the bigger shark that was hanging around, and one of Lasse jumping off the top of the boat. There's a picture of me jumping off, of course... but his turned out a lot better.

Whew. I don't wanna leave the internet cafe here. It's so fricken hot here... I looked at the forecast for the next week and every day it's 35 degrees and clear. And I'm heading up to Darwin... it'll likely be over 40 pretty often there. It's getting near the beginning of the Wet season in the north too.

Ugh. Not much of a last post before going out, but my head kinda hurts this morning. Can't understand why. All I did last night was have a few drinks at the local gentleman's club. I mean pub. Irish pub. Sigh...

Enjoy the cold weather everyone! (not now I guess, but Novemberish. haha)