Monday, January 23, 2006

Heh heh... fire

Woohoo! Thanks to Marc for telling me about this site to upload videos!

The hostel Marc and I stayed at in Picton last night (much better than the Ontario Picton... haha) had to be one of the best hostels I've ever stayed in... called the Jugglers Rest. Small, friendly, they liked my guitar playing and they had a hostel cat :) But this was the coolest, one of the hostel owners Nikki put on this show for us.

She was practicing earlier in the evening without lighting them on fire, and smacked herself in the face with both balls and gave herself a fat lip. Then still did it later with the fire. Heh heh... so cool.

Anyways, the last few days have been pretty relaxing, even for me. Marc and I had our beach day in this little family resort town north of Nelson... great day of a whole lotta nothing. We stayed in a Christian caravan park, which was a pretty good place, except we were the only campers without kids running around. (I ran over my kids at that caravan park back in Australia) The first night we were there we had a few beers each, and one with our dinner... and for some reason we got a lot of dirty looks! The next morning we noticed the "No Alcohol" signs everywhere. Oops! heh

We spent our last full day with the car doing a tour up past Collingwood, checking out some really clear springs (the Pu Pu springs... heh) and a nice beach that you walked through a farm to get to.

Excellent end to the trip. I don't know what I'm going to do without a car though. After we unloaded all our stuff (about 6 trips each) our hostel room looked like our bags exploded or something. I managed to get everything jammed back in my bag though, and I'm only carrying around one extra shopping bag now.

So now I'm in Wellington, trying to figure out what to do for my week touring the North island. Hmm. I suppose I should be doing that instead of blogging, but meh. This is fun.

One more picture of the sunrise (I know, a sunrise!!) this morning. I had to get up early to catch the ferry across the strait... I was walking through the hostel kitchen when I got up, and saw this out the window. The picture was meant to be I guess, I'd forgotten my camera on the counter the night before when I went to bed. Whoops! That's what beer, fire, guitar, drunken scrabble and fatigue do to you I guess.

Probably one more post from New Zealand then I'm flying home on the 3rd of February. Ahhhh! Later...



At January 23, 2006 9:58 p.m., Anonymous allie said...

I can do that. Yep.

Wow, it sure is nice to hear your little Peter Griffin chuckle hehe.

Did you vote today Brad? Did you know there's an election going on in Canada?

At January 23, 2006 10:15 p.m., Blogger Cruwysinator said...

Pffft...I'm better than that broad. Hands down. No contest.

As for all those big words, Brad. I know...being an artsie is most definately inferior to your engineering/building keyboard ways. I'm clearly just wasting my money. Dammit.

At January 24, 2006 1:15 a.m., Blogger Bradtholomew said...

Haha, you'll hear it soon enough again Alison. Guess what, I could've voted today! I'm in the right place to do it, but I forgot completely. Well, even if I'd remembered...

I know you're better Mel. I've seen you juggling things on fire more times than I can shake a stick at. Don't worry about the artsieness either... don't tell anyone, but my education was a waste of money too. Ssssshhh!

At January 25, 2006 12:30 a.m., Blogger Cruwysinator said...

Your secret is safe with me. I will not tell your mom. Or mine haha.

I got a brand spankin new puter! To me anyway. Used parts but I don't complain! Apparently the "capacitors" on my ancient ass-backwards motherboard were "leaking substance" so my computer could have "died" any day. Pffft. But that whole 24hrs without a computer and msn was HELL! Anyway. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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