Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well, they call me the workin' man...

Been a while since I posted anything, so I suppose I'm overdue. I'm finally doing something again so it's a little easier now to write.

Last time I posted I hoped to start a new job, but it took me a little over 8 months from the time I got back to Canada to actually find one. I started working a few weeks ago for SNC-Lavalin, a big engineering and construction company. Specifically, I'm working in Brampton on a project building a natural gas power station. For a few details about the project, go here. I've only been there for a few weeks now, but I can say it's exactly what I've been waiting for, so I'm quite happy.

Here's a shot of the sunrise yesterday morning from outside the temporary office building I'm working in.

More news... this Wednesday I'm moving into a basement apartment in Milton. It'll be a bit of a commute each day, but it'll sure beat living in Brampton. I looked at half a dozen places in Brampton before I decided on this apartment (it was actually the first one I looked at), and none were even close to being as nice as this place. I've got a spiral staircase going down into my rooms, a gas fireplace, and it's fully furnished.

That's all the current news really... I did do quite a few things this summer, but spent most of my time sitting around unfortunately. Check out my Flickr page for some photos of things I did between my last post and now. Not that there's a lot of things to write about... I'm just lazy :)

So, thanks to my parents for putting up with me living at home again for so long. It hasn't exactly been the best period in my life, but they were both very accommodating to say the least. I should be posting a little more frequently now, even though I'm working... I won't have nearly as much free time, but I should finally have a bit of financial freedom to do things in my time off. (i.e. eat more)